I’m Cebolla and I was born and raised in the small Central American country of El Salvador and started coming to Chico, California in 2007 when I met my wife, who is a Chico native. After we met on a beach in El Salvador and eventually started a family, we would come to visit once or twice a year until we moved here in 2014. Throughout this time, I have also created a strong bond with this town and community.

Since moving to Chico, I have expanded my love for photography and image editing. While I have not been able to make this my main career as of yet, I spend countless hours taking photos and editing them to share with my family and friends. I have also done several volunteer photography jobs for local nonprofit groups, which also involves me editing the photos and tagging them with my watermark for use on websites and social media sites. Rivers for Change (a local nonprofit organization) hired me to take pictures for their California 100 race this past fall. It was my first paid photography job here in California. My photography connects a unique, artistic editing style. I am a passionate, creative person and I put 110% into everything I enjoy doing + good vibes !!

My experience consists of working as Production Manager at Fruit of the Loom my first year out of college, and also designing/advertising men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel for my Quiver Surf Shop in El Salvador, Quiversk8 in the USA, & volunteering as a photographer for SkateMD a non profit in the Sacramento area.

Hope you consider my skill to make you a priceless memories for an affordable price.