El Salvador’s 307 kms of Pacific coastline is dominated by at least 10 world class righthand point breaks. Many of these waves break for 100-200 yards and don’t close out, with waves over 300 days of the year. El Salvador borders the Pacific Ocean to the south. The southern coastline that borders the entire length of the country is split down the middle, with everywhere east of La Libertad (a small port town) referred to as the “East Coast,” and everywhere west of La Libertad known as the “West Coast.” The East Coast is known for great tourist beaches like Costa Del Sol, beautiful mangrove lagoons, and the Las Flores righthand point break.
The West Coast is great for fishing and diving, and is where you’ll find El Salvador’s only lefthand point break, La Bocana, and the most sought after wave in El Salvador, El Sunzal, which is a slow, consistent wave that caters to surfers of every skill level.

The dark sand beaches in El Salvador come from volcanic origin and the water temperature ranges from 25°C to 29°C (avg. 80°F) so you can surf in Board Shorts all year round. The country is famous for its great waves for surfing.