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 Thanks for the good vibes 

    • 12/18/2017

      Cebolla surfs on a skate board sending the Aloha vibe where every he goes.   He encourages people to be the best they can be, and then captures it with his Fisheye!!   Regardless of the lens his perceptive is on point, and he captures the experience.  A family man, a surfer, skater, and friend to everyone he meets.

  • A. A.


    • Irvine, CA


    Cebolla has the touch!  Positive vibe, great attention to detail, generous work ethic:  Thank you!


Teri Todd



  • Chico, CA


Cebolla is an awesome photographer, he is creative, adaptable, and really listens to what you want. He came to our home to take family photos which included our son with autism who has  difficulty posing and looking at the camera. He was understanding and creative and we have great family pictures which really captured moments of fun, tenderness, and the love we feel for one another. Thank you!



  • Longmont, CO


Cebolla was instrumental in documenting the Cal 100, a challenging, one day, 100 mile down river race. There were multiple destinations to photograph, there was a lot to be coordinated and carried out. We got awesome photos that captured our day and our epic attitudes. He rolled around on a skateboard so he could stay ahead of the crowds and get the good shots. Importantly, he was a cheerleader, a positive force throughout the day. What a great guy, and the photos are stellar!

Simón V.


  • Miami, FL


Cebolla is an amazing and very versatile photographer. He is a fun and spontaneous as a person, but very professional when it comes to work. its not easy to find someone who is both creative and open to clients ideas and suggestions. I have often needed photographs for art and professional surfing and he has delivered every time. I have worked with him often and it has always been a real pleasurable experience with great results and affordable prices.


        • Juan O.


          • Santa Barbara, CA


          Cebolla Mendez is not only a great person. He captures the intense energy of skateboarding with passion and stoke like no one else! His outdoor photos capture the simple beauty life has to offer. And the work he has done for skate MD captures the emotion of the children and volunteers alike. If you are looking for a photographer to capture that perfect memory he is your man.

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        • Joe H.


          • Puyallup, WA


          I have used Cebolla Mendez on a number of occasions, for both photography and video and his work is exceptional.  He has a sensitivity to his subjects, and an expertise to bring about a great end product.  His expertise as a photographer is unquestioned.  His ability to merge this into a video presentation is outstanding.  I love his spirit, his enthusiasm for the human, and his positive can-do spirit.  It’s a pleasure working with him.


      • Andrea B.


        • San Francisco, CA


        Cebolla has done photos for every single one of our nonprofit events. He has been so professional and prompt. And, how do we begin to talk about his talent and passion for photography? He is so amazing with a camera and has helped us to tell the story of our services and success in a way that we could not do without him. He is a true asset to the work that we do. I highly recommend him for your events or photography needs!

      Ken K.


      • Chico, CA


      Cebolla is a very accomplished &  passionate photographer .
      I have been involved with him in several  community causes – he  always has  his camera to catch the  special moments –  donating his time and energy .
      Great Guy – Good human !
      Ken Karasinski – Nor-Cal Vans


    • Heather W.


      • Sacramento, CA


      Cebolla is not only a fun, warm and lovely person to be around, but his photography is a direct reflection of his personality – his photos are ALSO fun, colorful, warm and lovely!  He has taken photos at many social events I’ve attended and they are always such a beautiful reflection of the good times had. I would highly recommend him for any photos you need!


  • Rick R.


    • Placerville, CA


    Cebolla Mendez is a true artist.   He has incredible eye and a gift for capturing the most from an image.  He is equally adept with action shots and still life.   In addition to his artistry, he is super kind and generous, donating his time and talent to important causes within the community.   I feel so blessed to know him and to be one of the lucky individuals who he has captured with his photography.

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