I’m Juan “Cebolla” Mendez. I’m a self-taught photographer and graphic designer, based in Northern California.
My passion for photography took off in in 2005, when I finally invested in a good camera to capture all the creative compositions I saw in nature and the people of the third world. Around this time, I also started designing apparel for my own surf & tour brand, Quiver Surf El Salvador. Currently, I continue to explore the art of photography while working toward a BS in Graphic Design to add more skills & computer programs to my “Quiver” of knowledge.

Since moving to Chico in 2014, I have continued designing for Quiversk8 with a focus on skateboarding rather than surfing. I’ve also been volunteering on a regular basis for an amazing non-profit called SkateMD and have also been hired to take pictures for the CAL100 paddle race in Northern California. I love taking action photos and since I’m so involved in the world of skateboarding, I promote the art behind the sport and the stoke of shred as much as I can. I have an endless love of nature in every way and try to travel as much as I can to capture beautiful images of people and places.

My photography involves a unique, artistic editing style. I am a passionate, creative person and I put 110% into everything I enjoy doing …. + always spread good vibes!!

For me, being a photographer in today’s world is captured here:
“I’m a storyteller in images; my compositions are better than most people’s. Just because you’ve got a microprocessor in your computer doesn’t make you a writer. And just because you’ve got an Instagram app on your phone, you aren’t a great photographer.”
– Antonio Olmos